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School Intension

  • To achieve all the purpose of secondary school.
  • To develop the skill of students with Computer cultural, competitions, projects , discussions and activities.
  • To try to do on the Taluka ,District, National level.
  • To give free education activity.
  • To Start Junior college and skills projects.
  • To do Co- relation with parents and villagers.
  • To Visit the educational project.
  • To Arrange school trip and group discussion for school development.
  • To Use medium of Digital and Projector system.

School Needs

  • To make fix Partition for classes by constructing walls.
  • Provide computer to the students and Internet facilities.
  • Connect the school with S.T Buses for students in the school time.
  • To Provide school facilities like ( Tabels, chairs , cupboard, bench etc.
  • To give Training to the students about competitive and cultural activities
  • To give training to the teachers and staffs for school activities.
  • Provide Textbooks, Notebooks, Uniforms, Travelling Passes , education fees whoever needs it.
  • Survey of the needy and poor students who discontinued from education and provide them education facilities.
  • To Provide bicycles to needy students who are travelling 3 kms. from school.
  • To Give sufficient salary to the teachers and non teaching staff.
  • To appoint teachers for other optional subjects Teachers like that Drawing, computer ,Physical Education and yoga.
  • To Inspire the students about competitive exam .
  • To Use methods of E- learning project system.
  • To Available sufficient furnitures for students and teachers.
  • To Develop others Department library , Laboratory, (science) computer.
  • Increase quantity of Toilets.
  • Provide accidental Fund &Primary Treatment.
  • Decorate school area.