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Joy of Giving

This is our humble effort put in by some ordinary folks like us, who are trying to practice the
Right To Education of the children of a remote village.

Institute AIMS

  • To provide quality to the aspiring individuals in Khudi village in particular and Devgad taluka in general.
  • To inculcate academic culture in various disciplines like Arts¸ cultural, literature¸ Science &Technology¸ Professional Skills & Industry defense agriculture & Horticulture¸ etc.
  • To work towards enhancing knowledge & skills of the strainers teacher.

Our Objective

       To convert our this dream into reality we needed not only a piece of land but adequate funding for school building construction & running its daily expenses .
        We are also clear that there is a remote possibility of receiving any Govt.aid in this regard for the next 8-10years


  Villagers in Khudi the firstly discharge their social obligation by offering their prime road touch and central building for Dr. Shirodkar Education Society, Mumbai.
  They started ‘Khudi madhyamik Vidyalay Khudi’ according to demand of Khudi villagers and mouje Khudi Gram Vikas Mandal, Mumbai.
  Our school have approximately 7000 sq.feet land for school activity.

Our Appeal

  Till now, we have High-school project. We are needing approximately Rs.50 Lakhs in one year then four years, every years 10 lakhs. Some of 1 crore for running school project.

  We also need 5 Lakhs for meeting the running expense like staff salary and monthly bills as well as Like electricity, stationary, water, correspondence and travelling

Khudi Area

Hilly area
Tourism district.
Insufficent travelling facilities.
Parents are farmers, helpless, labours, and small merchants.

Khudi Gram Vikas Mandal,Mumbai.
Khudi Shikshan Prasarak Mandal,Khudi.